How To Celebrate Your Company’s Birthday?

You are the owner of a company that has done very well throughout the year. Your company has shown good profits and the staff have being very cooperative in the way they handle their work. It is due to the efficient and methodical manner of your staff’s commitment to their jobs that has brought your company this far. We all know that running a business in a competitive market is not easy and many businesses have run at a loss and in some cases even being forced to shut down.

Treating your staff

Your company is about to celebrate 20 years in the business. So you have decided that you have to treat your staff well for their loyalty all these years and this also calls for celebration. So you get in touch with a company that undertakes professional corporate catering Brisbane CBD and ask them if they can take care of the menu for you. You tell the company that you want them to come to your home and set up the food because you are planning on having your celebration at home.

Decorating in style

The company staff tells you they will visit your place to check out how they can set up the best venue for celebrations. The corporate catering company also tells you that since this is a celebration they can organise the required decorations for the get together and can even set it up for you hours before the function. You cannot believe your luck and tell them to go ahead with the decorations. You however brief them on how the decorations should be done. So the team of professionals arrive early on the day of the function and decorate the place for you. The balloons are up, the streamers are flowing and you are all ready to welcome your office staff for the celebration.

Good food

Your staff arrives and they are amazed at the decorations and the menu that is set up on the table. They ask you from where you ordered the food and ask you if they can have the contact number of the company that took care of this job for you. You of course are more than happy to give your office staff the contact number and tell them that they should ask for a discount the next time they visit the professionals. After much chatting and merry making your colleagues sit down to enjoy the meal. From the looks on their faces you realise that the food is good and you decide to take a dig to see what it tastes like.