Pairing Food With Beverages – A Rough Guide

The right combinations of food and drink can make you really enjoy the meal and even enhance the flavour of the meal. On the downside, a beverage that does not match or compliment the meal you are having might make you feel unsatisfied or even uneasy later on. So the next time you are eating at a restaurant or enjoying a special meal at home, experiment with different combinations.

How Do You Start?
Even when you are cooking by yourself, you automatically try to make sure that that the flavours are well-matched and are ones that you like. It depends on what your tastes and preferences are, even though there are tried and tested traditional ways of fusing flavours together. For example, wine and cheese is a popular combination. But whether you select fruity red wine or dry white wine with Gouda or Edam, will have different outcomes and flavours coming through, check this great burgers and beers.

Contrasting Flavours
There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to mixing things up and broadening your horizon. You can try selecting opposing or contrasting flavours such as sweet and salty or bitter and sweet to balance the each out taste. It’s not as complicated as it seems. When you are dining out with friends or family, try out some new beverages with your meal. For example, while it is common to pair red wine with steak or a more fruity wine with pork but you can try out a type of porter  as well. Say you are having spicy fries as a side dish – you can try having a citrus based cocktail or beverage to add that extra something to your meal. You can start with the items you enjoy having and then work up from there.

The Ingredients
The other trick is to select food and drinks that enhances a certain taste even more. For example, an ale or lager can make a grilled beef patty taste like the best burger you have had as it brings out a smoky, meaty flavour to the meal. At the same time it is better to avoid ordering many things that taste too similar as the taste would be too overpowering and leave you with an uncomfortable taste and feeling later on.

The most important thing is to have fun with what you are doing. Don’t forget to try pairing desserts with different beverages as well. Usually tea, milk and coffee or drinks that use these ingredients go better with sweet desserts. But sometimes Lambic, stout or full-bodied wine can enhance different types or cakes or tarts.